2012, Terminator, World War Z, Avengers — Endgame. Over the years, movies featuring apocalyptic events have been a favorite amongst movie-goers. Many of them featured the Earth nearly coming to an end in a myriad of ways — from killer zombies to aliens, or something about the planet’s core getting unstable. They all usually end up with a hero (or a team of heroes) saving the world from the brink of destruction. And everything’s back to normal.

Except it’s the year 2020, and along with it came the Coronavirus — something that none of the movies prepared us for. Although…

It was October 2019, and my cousin’s wedding was taking place in about a week. Like everyone else, I was faced with the dilemma — what to wear? The struggle was real.

So there I was, in the mall with my brother picking out shirts, because everyone knows you can’t go wrong with a great shirt right? I picked a few and was searching for a place to try them on before deciding which ones to buy. Just because it looks good on the hanger didn’t mean it would look good on me.

I tried them on, and after checking…

Is there a way to let people know of a potential infection risk before even coming into contact with each other?

The bubonic plague is perhaps one of the best known pandemics that occurred in the year 1350 AD. Also named The Black Death. It was responsible for the death of over one-third of the world population. In 1817, the first wave of Cholera pandemics began that would continue for at-least 150 years. The first three waves alone is estimated to have killed at-least 15 million people, despite having developed a vaccine at the time.

And there are several more that occurred over the span of several centuries, with well-documented gory accounts that would turn you into a compulsive germaphobe if…

Welcome to the 2nd part of this series on using technology to foster sustainability in your community! In this tutorial, you’ll continue building Kartpool — a community driven delivery platform for the ones who need it the most!

Be sure to read Part 1 of the tutorial series thoroughly and complete the exercises before you proceed with this tutorial!

To recap, here’s the list of features:

Feature #1: A location-based store discovery service from where users could buy grocery and other essentials. You already built this in Part 1.

Feature #2: Users can select a store and add a wishlist

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Machine Learning (ML) is a sub-field of artificial intelligence. It concerns with giving computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Over the years, machine learning’s popularity and demand has certainly been on the rise, as indicated by this hype curve:

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Data Science. It’s been touted as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Everyone — from companies to individuals — is trying to understand it and adopt it. And if you’re a programmer, you most definitely are experiencing FoMo (Fear of missing out)! Just look at how popular the term has become over time:

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Women in Tech. We’re all over the news these days and a lot of it isn’t great. Workplace sexism at Uber has hit the social media limelight several times, followed by a flurry of open letters written by women addressing their employers.

Amidst all this furor, lot of other equally relevant stories go unheard. I’m a software developer from India. Lakhs of students here graduate in Computer Science and Engineering every year. And I’ve noticed a common characteristic amongst all of them — my fellow programmers were for the most part, men.


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Working in a startup can be fun. The environment is full of positive vibes, every single day truly feels like an opportunity to do something innovative. The words ‘disruptive’ and ‘startups’ often go along together.

A few months ago I decided to quit my job, mentor in web development workshops for a while and then take a vacation to see my family. They live in a different city, and I hadn’t seen them for almost an year. …

Featured in Mybridge’s Top Ten NodeJS articles from Jan-Feb 2017 and Top 50 NodeJS articles of the year (v.2018)

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Welcome to part 2 of this series Building your own Uber-for-X App. In part 1, you used an example of a citizen-cop app and learned how to fetch cops located near a given pair of latitude and longitude coordinates. In this part, you’ll continue building the same app and learn to implement these features:

  • Exchanging data between cops and citizens in real time using web sockets
  • Using maps…

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